“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment."

Ansel Adams .

Wat Suthat Principal Wihan

Wat Suthat is a first grade royal temple, one of six such temples in Thailand. Construction was begun by His Majesty King Rama I in 1807 and completed until the reign King Rama III in 1847. An official temple of King Rama Vlll of Ratanakosin period housing his majesty sculpture within the compound. Wihan house "Phra Phuttha Si Sakayamuni" as the principal Sukhothai Buddha bronze image Subduing Mara posture. Around Wihan stand 28 selection of Chinese pagodas on the 6-tier basement representing 28 Lord Buddha. Ubosot (Ordination Hall), which is quoted for the longest of its kind in Thailand, houses "Phra Phuttha Trilokachet" as the principal Buddha image in the Subduing Maha posture. This temple is noted for its super murals in the main chapel as same as Santa Maria Delle Grazie which is acclaimed of its frescoed painting of Leonardo da Vinci's.

The giant swing

The Wat Suthat is also known as the temple of the giant swing, after the huge red swing in front of it called Sao Ching Chaa. The teak wood 20 meter high swing that was built at the end of the 18th century was used in annual Brahmanic ceremonies. Groups of young men competed with each other trying to swing high enough to grab with their teeth a bag of gold coins that was attached to a pole. Some men would swing well over 20 meters in the air. After a number of fatal accidents, the swing ceremony was cancelled in the 1930’s.

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