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Ansel Adams .

Franciscan Monastery - Dubrovnik

The large complex of the Franciscan monastery is situated at the very beginning of Placa, to the left of the Pile Gate. The lateral facade of the monastery church runs along the principal street of Dubrovnik, and the monastery spreads north along the walls.

The earliest monastery was built in the 13th century in the Pile area. As the city was threatened with war, in the 14th century the friars were forced to move under the protection of the defence walls.

The new monastery building was started in 1317 but work went on for a very long time. Some parts were destroyed and rebuilt several times. The large Franciscan church, one of the richest churches in Dubrovnik at the time, was destroyed in the earthquake of 1667. The only element of the former building which has been preserved is the portal on the south wall. It was probably moved from the front to the lateral wall in the course of the restoration in the 17th century.

Inside you can find the third-oldest functioning pharmacy in Europe, which has been in business since 1391 – it may have been the first pharmacy in Europe open to the general public.