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Ansel Adams .

Central Post office

(Vietnamese: Bưu điện Trung tâm Sài Gòn) is a post office in the downtown Ho Chi Minh City, nearSaigon Notre-Dame Basilica. Saigon Post Office was designed and constructed by the famous architectGustave Eiffel. Post Office was constructed between 1886-1891.
Being a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and French influences, this building fascinates tourists by its typical colonial French features, from exterior to interior decorations. By the first time, visitors may feel that they’re brought back to 20th century railway station in Europe, rather than a post office in an Asian country. From its ornate furnishings, gorgeous-pattern-tiled floor to its massively high ceilings and numerous wickets, all speak of another place in time. The interior design is even more elegant with the phone booths, which are just the same since the colonial period.

Inside the Saigon Central Post office of special note are two painted maps that were created just after the post office was first built, the first one located on the left side of the building is a map of Southern Vietnam and Cambodia titled ‘Lignes telegraphiques du Sud Vietnam et Cambodge 1892′ which translates to ‘Telegraphic lines of Southern Vietnam and Cambodia 1892” The second map of greater Saigon is titled "Saigon et ses environs 1892" translating to "Sai Gon and its environment 1892".

Outside Post Office are 2 Stalinist statues. This one below is a celebration of the Soviet’s space congress which is why you’ll see the little‘space shuttle’ by the side. The second image is a typical show ofpatriotism.